Love Me Long Time

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Video Description: Parker Levens is hot, smooth 19 year old with dark brooding eyes, a smooth body and huge cock, just as Antonio Deras whose eyes couldn't stop checking out that huge bulge and dove down to get a closer look. Hauling that fat 8 inch uncut pole out of Parker's shorts, Antonio was teary eyed by the time his nose met Parker's short-and-curlies. After a passionate make out moment that lasted until they were both naked, Parker stood and played tonsil hockey as Antonio stroked his even fatter cock and his hole started twitching for what was coming next...and we mean that literally. In one fluid motion, Parker gloved up, flipped Antonio over and nailed him in one long steady push before wrapping his arms around Antonio's waist, pulling him into his lap. They took a seat on the couch, Antonio riding that pole fast and furious until Parker pushed him off, grabbed his ankles and went in head for the final round, fucking the cum out of Antonio who blasted Parker's chest with a massive lake of spooge immediately followed by Parker returning the favor.

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