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Video Description: When the crew spotted the smoldering action between smoldering19 year old hotties Julian and Johnny, they noticed they kissed with more heat than some couples have when they fuck. They ground their pelvis' together in a dry hump that made the crew wet, before they stripped each other down to their underwear and jock, stopped to have a snack on each other nipples before Johnny completed the near impossible task of deep throating Julian's very long, thick uncut cock. He then climbed aboard, taking the fat fuck stick up his ass while he ground away faster and deeper, working that big pole in as deep as possible, then staying connected, twisted around to back up double speed in reverse. Laying back, Julian licked Johnny's neck while he pounded up and into Johnny's ass, again staying connected as they flipped over - now with Julian large and in charge, piston fucking the cum right out of Johnny's dick before hammering out an a thick white load of his own.

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