BP Exclusive: 'White Rush-In'

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Video Description: BoyzParty.com was there to capture the look on 19 year old Francoise Delano's face when blonde stunner Alexi Romanov pulled out his 19 year old fat, uncut hose of a cock. Usually the top, Francoise went down on that big pole like a $2 whore on Big Dick Tuesday and swallowed that fat shaft to the balls. Alexi returned the favor, continuing south the tongue fuck Francoise's usually off limits hole. A few licks it all it took to send Francoise into orbit who bent Alexi over and fucked his hole silly. But pay back is a bitch and Alexi pulled off and shoved his dick into Francoise's hole in one sweeping deep lunge that left him with his eye rolling back into his head. Returning to the couch, Francoise spayed Alexi's beautiful face with a mammoth load of pent up jizz while Alexi fired off his own sperm geyser.

Boyz Party

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