BP Exclusive: 'Study Ball'

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Video Description: Facundo saw it the same time the BoyzParty.com crew did: from the size of the bulge snaking down Aimar's leg, he invited his friend over to hit something other than just the books! Stripping them both of their shirts, Aimar guided Facundo's succulent lips towards their target, Aimar's fat 8 club of a cock. Facundo's eye watered as he tried to swallow the oversized cock, finally getting almost all the way to Aimar's bush. Standing next to him, Facundo's cock slipped effortlessly in and out of Aimar's talented mouth as Aimar reached around and started to explore the puckered rosebud of his friendly needy hole. He quickly flipped Facundo on his back and filled that hole with huge cock with piston-like speed before turning back onto his own back, keeping Facundo with him who now rode that massive dong home, getting off just in time for Aimar to deliver a huge facial as his own load covered his abs. Can't wait to see how they cram for finals!

Boyz Party

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