BP Exclusive: 'Snack Time'

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Video Description: 20 year old Evan was going to the dorm room across the hall, looking for something to eat, and he invited the BoyzParty.com crew to tag along. He opened the door to find 19 year old Lohan taking a nap and one look at the round, hard, shapely curve of his friend's ass inspired a sudden change in meal planning. Evan wakes Lohan with soft nibbles at the neck and Lohan immediately turns around, takes off Evan's shirt as they immediately reach for each other's bulges. Lohan wastes no time in getting Evan's pants down and that hard, throbbing cock down his throat. Evan feeds his pole deep down Evan's hungry throat before turning him over, removing his briefs and proceeding to make a meal of those succulent ass cheeks and hungry, puckered hole. He gloves, lubes up and proceeds to give Evan the rear door slamming he was begging for, leaning back and then arching forward before flipping onto their sides for a passionate scissor fuck before one last rotation to drive it home missionary style, pulling out just in time to give Evan a snack of his own: a major protein facial while Evan works out an equally impressive blast all his own. Wonder what, or who, if for dessert?!

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