BP Exclusive: 'Jocked & Loaded'

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Starring Fabiano Vega
Video Description: As soon as they saw the bunk hunk of meat flopping around inside 19 year old Fabiano's soccer shorts, the crew at BoyzParty.com knew they had to follow him home and see hot hot this stud was out of uniform too. He grabbed their eye as he reached deep inside his jock and readjusted his growing cock, flashing his smooth leans abs in the process. He put down his bag, picked up a drink and soon lost his shirt, his nipples already as hard as his cock which made a tempting bulge in his soon to be visible jock strap. As he turned around, he beautiful, tight, hairless ass cheeks were a sight to behold and the more he rubbed them, the more his dick started to leak. His balls were already tight and he hooked the waistband under them, gloffing that log standing, bending over then finally sitting up on the counter. His long skin crowned that cock head without ever snapping back, making a perfect funnel for the epic load his covers his musclar thigh with - and he even last the last drop and flicked it off as he gave a final thumbs up. Gol, gol, gol!

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