BP Exclusive: 'Jackin' Jock'

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Starring Mariano Gomez
Video Description: The BoyzParty.com crew didn't have to think twice when 19 year old Mariano invited us to follow him home after soccer practice to demonstrate the proper way to cool down but as he started rubbing his strong leg, things started to heat up quickly UP being the operative word. He strips out of his shirt and shoes and takes a handful of water to try and cool down the burning tent in his tight jock. He starts stoking his big uncut cock as he freed it, along with a succulent pair of smooth balls., from out the side of pouch. Trying to cool himself right at the sink, he takes a seat and begins double fisting his hungry pole. As he closes his eyes , arches his back and curls his toes, you can almost feel the pressure building in his balls until he erupts in an explosive load that drenches his heaving, sweaty abs. Don't worry, clean up was a breeze what he didn't lick up was wiped away with his shirt. Wonder who does his laundry?

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