BP Exclusive: 'Bold & The Beautiful'

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Video Description: When 19 year old Jonathon caught the BoyzParty.com crew's eye and motioned for us to follow him, this cutie didn't have to ask us twice. As he opened the door to his dorm room, Ignacio, he new rommmate, was asleep naked under the sheet, the round curve of his smooth ass begging for a touch, but it was his hard cock on the other side that commanded Jonathon's attention. He pulled back the sheet, swallowed the big bone to the base and soon Ignacio was double dribbling with Johanton;s head, ignoreing the chocking sounds, or maybe turned on by them! Ignacio contuined sucking that throbbing cock even as he undressed himself, showed off his tight, beckoning hole and when he got down on all four's, Ignacio wasted no time is giving every fat, uncut inch of cock up that hole. Using his ankles for leverage, Ignacio stayed buried while he turned Jonathon onto his back & pounded away like the fuck machine he is, not stopping till he spooged Jonathon from neck to pubes as Jonathon's erupted a mammoth load silumtaneous- proving even for the youngin's, timing is everything!

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